Prepping for Camp

The goal of this page is to provide you with list of things we encourage you to bring to camp. Please read through carefully and respond to us as soon as possible to acknowledge that you received it.

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Prepping for Camp

Before we list out some of the items, we would just like to reiterate a few things. First of all, previous Dream Day families will tell you, camp is a great experience! Our goal is to bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of families with children with life-threatening and/or serious conditions. Nevertheless, camp is just that: camp!! We love our little rustic space in the woods and hope that you will too. Each family will have their own small, modest cabin – cabins have electricity, a small fridge, and a microwave. Cabins each have a bathroom which includes a shower.

Many have questions about meals. Preparing meals 3 meals a day for about 50 people is a challenging job so we do our best to keep it tasty and basic!   Some families choose to bring their own specialty food for dietary reasons and store it in their cabins – we may have some room to store refrigerated food in our walk-in cooler for you also – let us know if that is a need of your family. We do our best to accommodate basic food allergies and try to provide vegetarian options as often as we can.

Our camp staff will put together a FUN programming schedule – again, emphasizing the laid back spirit of Dream Day – you can expect arts/crafts a couple of times during the week, trips to the Park’s pond for swimming and canoeing, exploring the waterfront to meet our turtle friends, a nightly campfire, a trip to Barnstable for a whale watch, and a trip to the beach one day. We’ll have plenty of games around camp for all to play – from board games to hide and seek.  We have a playground on the premises too that younger children and families will enjoy.

Our goal is to offer your family respite: a break from clinical settings and a time for your family to enjoy the company of one another. Dream Day is a family camp and ongoing parent supervision is critical – particularly for children under 8. Our programs are designed with the entire family in mind. Having said that, please keep in mind that all programming is optional! If your family would like to take a pass on any of the activities we offer, that is fine! We’ll always just need a head count or meals and ask that you let us know.

Many have questions about the facilities themselves. Again, cabins are modest – 2 rooms with either 2 bunk beds or a bunk bed and a single twin [3-4 twins in total], and then a back room with a double or queen bed. There is electricity, window fans, a microwave, and a small dorm size fridge.

There are additional bathrooms are located in a separate building. According to gender, there are 4 stalled toilets and 4 sinks. There are 2 outdoor stalled showers [for both male and female] and then two private indoor showers with their own door and changing room.  We have a separate handicapped-compliant wheelchair accessible bath – with its own entrance – the shower does have a detachable shower head.

We have no laundry facilities on the premises for families to use. We are unable to allow families to use air conditioning units.

Many have asked about nearby medical facilities – Cape Cod Hospital is about 25 miles away – please note that it can take nearly 45 minutes to get there during the summer months.