Welcome to Virtual Camp 2021! We know that nothing can replace the unforgettable bonds forged in person at Dream Day on Cape Cod, but we are hoping that this online experience will create a community of a different kind.

However, we are excited to share that we have come up with a safe and adaptive compromise!  We have offered a short stay to families who were accepted for the summer of 2020. Families will come in a very limited capacity (only 2 families at a time). We have added 5 weeks to what our usual summer program length is so that we can accommodate as many families as possible in this new “bubble” format.

Although there will be fewer families attending and their stays will be very different, we feel we are fulfilling our mission to provide respite to children with serious medical conditions and their families as well as our commitment to our generous donors who support our programs.

And the icing on the cake? We are going ahead with our Virtual Camp for all Dream Day families and many others who are welcome to tune-in!  IT IS LIVE TODAY!

We hope everyone is staying safe.

The Staff and Board of Dream Day.